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Monday, June 15, 2009

Internet Marketing: IS YOUR KEY WORD 'Success'?

Can you put your internet marketing business on auto-pilot? Do you have the search engine optimization nailed down? Have you created your own product? Did you make arrangements for Joint Venture Partners and have they helped you create buzz about your Launch event?

It's important to be audacious about creating and maintaining an online presence. You need to educate yourself about the technical aspects, the nuts and bolts of doing commerce online and how to implement online marketing strategies.

As you know, I've been in the process of preparing for an impending "marriage." One successful existing online marketer will soon tie the knot, joining him to the group known by some as The Tremendous Trio. The result will be The Fresh Fab Four.

Jeff Wellman created Lay Off Your Boss 3 and he was joined by the Tech Queen herself, Dixie Brown. Those two were humming along when up popped Paul Counts who is renowned all over cyberspace for his incredible skills with search engine optimization. Together the three of them have regrouped themselves and presented the world with Rapid Cash Marketing. Now there are "wedding" plans in the works. I'd advise you to stay close to your Inbox so you won't miss a single detail in the upcoming weeks. When you find out how amazing their plans are, you will most assuredly want to be included.

Friday evening was spent in preparation for the Big Event. There was a Question and Answer call conducted and I filled 5 pages with careful, detailed notes of the information I gleaned. The call was two hours in length.

The reason I mention this activity is because last week I was to participate in a conference call and it did not go as planned. I expected to be the moderator and each participant would offer input, suggestions and ideas to all the others. Well, as it turned out, our conference line was one of those where you could call in and LISTEN, NOT PARTICIPATE. It was NOT an interactive line!

If you have ever been a call listener and could not ask questions or have information clarified or repeated you can clearly relate to my frustration level! I understand that many marketers provide conference calls that are NOT interactive. Furthermore, the calls are time limited.

It is understandable that marketers and gurus alike are busy and may not have the luxury of time to hear an entire call. But how disappointed would YOU be if you had a burning question and the call ended before you had a chance to speak up? Worse, what if you were not ALLOWED to ask questions in a live call? Oh, dear...there goes your freedom of speech! Because of this one factor, your online dreams could slide right down the drain!

Maybe having access to a Q and A session once a week would make all the difference in your being prepared to do business online, in an work-at-home scenario. You don't need me to tell you that times are tough and you could create some income IF ONLY you had the tools and felt prepared to work from home in your own enterprise. We all seek success. We certainly deserve as much. Who was quoted as saying something about the harder we worked and the more prepared we are, the luckier we get>

Make your key word SUCCESS, be as prepared as your local Scout troop and put more income into your family's resources! What will it mean to them when you make that a reality?

Connie Baum

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