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Friday, June 19, 2009

Product Launches: Can YOU Make an Irresistible Offer?

Product Launches should not be approached willy nilly. They must be carefully thought out and planned. Even "glitches" must be factored in.

One of the key elements of launching the next big thing is to take your good offer, improve it beyond a great offer and morph it into the irresistible offer no one can refuse!

I know a marketer who took his very first product to market-in three weeks!- and here is how he finished:
3 weeks to launch
6 figures in 30 days
THOUSAND subscribers
1 pink slip

Of course, that one pink slip was for his boss. He knew layoffs were coming his way so he dodged that bullet by presenting his boss with a bona fide pink slip! Can you even IMAGINE how good that must have felt?

SIDEBAR: He will come personally and make a video of YOU giving YOUR boss a pink slip if you like. I can put you in touch. END SIDEBAR.

How did he accomplish this? He was generous. He not only gave his customers value, he created PERCEIVED VALUE for them. He COMPELLED people to hit the "BUY NOW" button. He created a strong sense of urgency. He made sure these people were coming into his program WITHOUT RISK. He was so confident in his program that he knew for a fact he could make guarantees.

  • Any product launched must have relevance. It has to solve a problem in a unique and appealing way.

  • The marketer must have credibility and integrity.

  • There must be true value and NO RISK WHATSOEVER to the customer.

  • There must be a strong and very real sense of urgency. Don't claim this price will change in 20 minutes when in reality you don't change anything for 3 months! Remember, your credibility and integrity are on the line here!

  • You must have your targeted market in your sites. That is, don't make attempts to sell ice cubes to Eskimos, even if it is packaged in foil wrap! You will do much better if you sell biking gear to bikers, clothing and jewelry to women and cookware to foodies.
This topic is of such importance we will devote more space and energy to it, so stay tuned and see what else YOU can do to create YOUR OWN irresistible offer!

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Oh, remember, I can put you in touch with the right people to be on hand, making a video for you as you hand YOUR boss his pink slip!

Connie Baum

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