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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Many Internet Strategies ARE There?

When it comes to online marketing there is a PLETHORA of information, dis-information and mis-information. Now, please don't misunderstand me; I don't for a moment believe that internet marketers get out of bed thinking, "Today I am going to send something to all the people on my list and it is going to drive them nuts because I will withhold everything they need or want!" Nor do I think there is a vast conspiracy to sabotage the efforts of those of us who are beginning to build internet marketing empires.

I do think some promoters fancy we know things we have never heard of. I also believe they may forget how it was to begin any successful venture, not having certain technical skills or not understanding various aspects of internet marketing. The devil's in the details.

As I Twittered and handled my email messages this morning, I was delighted to find some resources others may find helpful. Here is one such item: . This Aussie has good ideas about preparing reports. I found her post helpful; maybe you will, too.

Another thing that came to me: I subscribe to a newsletter called "Early To Rise" and the people who put that together must get up in the middle of the night to get out all the content that appears there on a regular basis. They MUST have people who work the night shift-people who are smart, creative, and successful. Their URL is as follows:

It is patently obvious that there are many internet marketing strategies--I suppose as many strategies as programs. The secret to success, in my opinion, is to find the strategy or program that resonates with you. I have learned through experience that the most assistance that has come to me has arrived via a group I have learned to know and like, a group I have learned I can trust implicitly. You might want to have a look for yourself just to see another point of view. Perhaps you'll pick up a new or different strategy you can implement in your affairs. Here is where you can, in the privacy of your own home, peruse their offer and see what you think of it: CLICK HERE

If you decide to take a peek at this group, I would value your opinions. Are their ideas helpful? What do you like about the way they present themselves? What is it their program might help you with the most? Please let us know these things by placing your comment in the comment box. This will be greatly appreciated.

Connie Baum

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