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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internet Money-Making Alert: Webinars?

Our family has made up words ever since anyone spoke. Webinar sounds like something my mother made up to use as a code word so adults would be in the know but the children would be without clues.

If you have not yet learned about Webinars, I am happy to inform you that these are seminars conducted on the world wide web. Cute, huh?

Webinars can be long or short, entertaining or dry, and it's an effective tool for internet marketers, affiliate marketing people, and the public who wish to add to their knowledge.

Webinars, at least in this household, are a comfy way to learn about internet marketing at convenient times. I am fortunate to be able to participate in at least one Webinar daily. It's pretty nice to finish the dinner dishes in time to take a bubble bath, get into my jammies and park myself at the computer desk with my beverage of choice nearby and settle in for some serious note taking.

SIDEBAR: I don't mean to give you more information than you need. I'm only emphasizing the point that Webinars are much more accessible than driving to a community college to hear someone drone in a classroom, for example. END SIDEBAR.

Come to think of it, people who offer Webinars might drone, too, but usually the people who are presenting this way think outside the box and make the information appealing.

Most of the Webinars it has been my good fortune to encounter open the lines for questions and answers at the end of the material. Sometimes there are some real gems that appear during this time.

I am reminded of a call earlier this week where the participants interacted in a lively discussion about classified ads versus pay-per-click and Twitter! That was the Webinar that finished in an hour but the call continued for another 90 minutes. The organizer's wife intervened or we may never have gone to bed that night! WE WERE LEARNING STUFF!

Talk about OVER DELIVERING; these marketer should hold a trophy for the Overdeliver Division of Internet Marketing Materials. I wonder who's in charge of that division?

If you have been to Webinars that were helpful or if you have seen Webinars that were less than stellar, you might like to sign up for the freebie that's being held tonight. Here are some details: It is "Creating Your Signature Product" and you are welcome to join the fun. It is my understanding we'll be shown how to become the next hard-hitting Info-preneur, easily dominating any red hot niche. We will be able to understand what makes a TOP QUALITY info product, how to achieve the elements required quickly and do it right!

This webinar will be key to helping you understand how to gather endorsements and testimonials for your product, how to strategically price your product, and how to get your product to your prospects! Pretty heady stuff for ANY webinar!

Another thing this Webinar will offer: how to make them an offer they cannot refuse! No, this is not being presented by the Godfather...the matter of relationships will be discussed and no, it is not a therapy session! There will be a number of other HOW-TO items offered and I'm thinking they must be serving coffee and cake, the way it's being promoted. But don't place too high expectations in that regard! Grin

If you want to be included in all this fun and information, just click here: WEBINAR

Connie Baum

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  1. Connie,

    Awesome Post, thanks for helping spread the word for the webinar training on Creating your Signature Product.

    It is of course going to be somuch more than just your average dry and full of fluff webinar.

    We are going to deliver some awesome top quality content as we always do.

    Here is a free PDF that your viewers can have that give some tips on how to run a successful webinar.

    I will send you the recording after the webinar for you to post on your blog if you would like

    Enjoy your day and make it successful my friend. You always give such tremendous value in your writings. You are an excellent source of content yourself.

    Jeff Wellman