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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When It Comes to Online Marketing: Are YOU Prepared?

As members of Toastmasters, International, a speech making and leadership club, we are admonished that to be good public speakers, it is imperative to be prepared. If we are to craft successful speeches we need to research our topic, create a good opening, a body with good content and the closing needs to have punch.

The goal of creating a great online business is not so different from what good Toastmasters do. To become an online marketer it is important to research your niche to see what problems you might solve. You will need a good sales page, you must provide excellent content and the whole point is to coax your prospect to become your customer.

SIDEBAR: Jeff Wellman, of Lay Off Your Boss fame and fortune; his partner, Dixie Brown who has three decades and more of corporate experience and Search Engine Optimization specialist, Paul Counts- ALL THREE AGREE THAT CONTENT IS KING! In my humble opinion, they are 100% correct. END SIDEBAR

There are a great many details to manage when creating websites, blogs, sales pages and follow up messages. It can be daunting to the novice. It becomes second nature to the people who devote themselves to learning and taking action.

Toastmaster members know that club meetings do not happen in a vacuum. There is a Toastmaster to conduct the meeting and he has helpers assigned to make the meeting complete and to give everyone a chance to participate and to be heard.

Online marketers have the same opportunities for conducting cyber business. They may run their websites alone but they do not do it by themselves. They, too, have access to helpers. There are programs and webinars, tutorials and live events to help people who choose to work from home to learn to make online marketing, affiliate marketing and web mastering work to become second nature.

We would be very interested to learn about YOUR internet marketing story. We want YOUR voice to be heard! We so invite you to post a bit about your online journey by placing a comment on this page. You may remain anonymous or toot your horn. We can all learn much from one another.

Connie Baum

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