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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do You Know About the Online Guru Merger?

I've had a flurry of emails flooding my Inbox today...seems folks are buzzing and Tweeting and chatting about the impending "arranged marriage" between the good people from Lay Off Your Boss 3 and...well, now THAT IS THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, is it not?

As a matter of fact, I do know who the "groom" is but if I told you I'd have to tie you up and plug up your pie hole to keep you from telling others.

This news WILL knock your socks off, people, and toss them into the washer! Your head may explode, even. I do hope your insurance is up to date. We don't want any mishaps before the Big Event.

People who have struggled to make ends meet, online marketers who are challenged to make a profit, anyone who has almost given up on their dream of working at home in their very own online business, people who crave independence and freedom will be greatly assisted when this marriage takes place.

Rapid Review Rumor has it that there may be a CONTEST in the works and if that's true, I can promise you it will be a DOOZY. The Tremendous Trio* will be transformed into the Fresh Fabulous Four** and in the process we can expect very big and exciting adventures in success!

Stay tuned. As more information filters into my Inbox and my consciousness I will keep all of you in the loop!

Connie Baum

*The Tremendous Trio is made up of Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts.
**Fresh Fabulous Four? Comprised of Tremendous Trio + 1 Surprise Marketer!

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