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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Product Creation: Have YOU Got What it Takes?

Product creation and list building are two elements of online marketing that are closely linked. The money is in the list and products that solve problems will always be in demand.

When you have a list of recipients, it is important to keep the lines of communication open by contacting the people on your list occasionally. You don't want to ANNOY, you only want to enlighten them. Aweber makes personalizing your email message very easy. Simply choose the option from their drop-down menu that fits your text and use your customer's NAME. Keep your messages brief and to the point.

The chances are good that I am a typical email recipient in that I like to get messages about new ideas, new products and updates. I do NOT like to be bombarded with several emails a day, touting this urgent product purchase or that next big thing by every internet marketer on the planet. IF I am interested to buy your product, I will buy it. If not, cramming my Inbox won't change my tune!

When it comes to creating YOUR Next Big Thing, it's critical to identify your niche. You will be wise to research and perform your due diligence because it will be your job to identify the problems there are to solve and come up with appealing solutions for your customers.

If you are a newbie, you might be fearful of the unknown. Boy, can I relate with THAT! But whoever said, "Face the fear and walk through it" was right on. You will never achieve success as a product creator or online marketer-or even as a human being-unless you learn some new things along the way and experience the taste of fear.

If your ideas and plans do not get your juices flowing and make you want to eat, sleep and breathe all the details with a spirit of fun, then you would be well advised to scrap success and abandon a great life. In order to be truly successful in whatever way is meaningful to YOU, you need to have an intense passion, a tremendous desire to bring your ideas into fruition. You can't wish that away. You cannot outsource desire and passion. You MUST act from true passion and sincere, deep desire. I heard Zig Ziglar once. He said, "You gotta get your wanter to wantin'!"

Another important point about creating products is to consider the VALUE you are giving your people and not the COST. Make sure they understand the benefits there will be for them. And don't be afraid to be generous with the benefits. Dare to over deliver. Dare to give people much more than they pay for and then surprise them once in awhile with more. The goodwill you create will be invaluable and will endear your people to you, creating loyalty and repeat business in the future.

If you think you've got what it takes, get after it! We wish you the best of the best! If you feel as if you could use some wise counsel and personal help to learn more about product creation, list building or any other facet of online marketing, please CLICK HERE.

Connie Baum

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